Friday, January 6, 2012


Well there is a first for everything and this is the first time I have had my hand at making Limoncello.

It begins with a big glass bottle which cost about 4 euros in Italy, a bunch of bio lemons and some 96 proof alcohol.

All you need to do is wash then peel the yellow skin only off the lemons and place this in the large bottle with the alcohol.  Once this is done you place the large bottle in a dark, cool place (but not cold) for at least 1 month and then the magic happens.

Over time the alcohol will draw all the beautiful lemony oils out of the peels and begin to turn the alcohol a gorgeous light golden colour.

At the end of the resting period, I will then do a sugar, water solution and reduce the alcohol content to 1/3 of it's current strength... I will follow up with this process!

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