Wednesday, June 8, 2011

what is it about cigars?

My boyfriend tells me that smoking a cigar is simply a moment of self indulgence.  For me the attraction is that whole James Bond image... debonair, smooth talking, well-suited, tall, dark and handsome.  Well you get the picture.  

Today we visited the Davidoff store in Geneva so my boyfriend could buy some cigars for his forthcoming sailing trip in Greece.  Now pardon my ignorance, I was aware of Davidoff were specialists at producing aqua-inspired fragrances but I had no idea the Davidoff brand began in Switzerland with tobacco.

The Davidoff store was presented like a high-end couture house because they are catering to many of the same clients.  The store was classic and sophisticated, the merchandise was displayed in a very exclusive way and the room out the back which housed the cigars in the exact humidity the tobacco requires to stay 'fresh' was crisp and very clean.  

Dried and fermented tobacco leaves hung from the celing of the back room and cigars lined the shelves in all sorts of lengths, thicknesses, boxes and tins.  

These are the purchases...

Take a look at the store experience in these images...

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