Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When old and new really work

Over the long Easter weekend we headed to Gruyeres where we visited the Chateau de Gruyeres, a castle perched on top of a large hill over 500 years old.

We went inside the chateau which was last decorated in the 1840's by the final owners and occupants of the chateau.  After this in the early 1900's it was bought by the local government, the chateau is now open for visitors and is also used as an exhibition space for artists and the like.

Currently, there is a photographer whose works feature throughout the Chateau de Gruyeres and it really complements the interior.  The artists name is Chantal Michel. 

Chantal Michel features herself in all of her imagery and they have the appearance of vintage paintings and portraits.  The images are all dispayed behind glossy plexiglass for a bit of depth.  Some of her pieces are very interesting and add a cool dimension to the rooms and some are a little odd.  Overall a very interesing and very original artist...

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